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WE SPEAK (2023)

We Speak 3.jpeg

Performance Installation 18'00''

(animated digital content and location film, mapped projection, lighting sculpture and audio)


Video design created for UNIT installation, working with two high schools to create content and installation unique to each school. Shown in the schools' sports halls to the school and external invited guests. We Speak was an exploration into the wisdom of youth and empowering young people to feel agency over their school spaces.

We Speak 1.jpeg
We Speak 4.jpeg
We Speak 2.jpeg


Single-Screen Installation 3'56'' loop
(scanned 16mm film & digital animation with sound projected onto a screen made of recycled repurposed plastic waste)

A Place to Care For IMAGE.jpg

Independent commission collaborating  youth community group 4YP. Delivering  a number of sessions to young people aged 14-22, who may feel socially isolated we worked on a collective visual and audio poem, exploring the effects of climate change and the local environment through cameraless filmmaking, digital drawing and writing. 

A Place to Care For.jpeg

SYN ROOM (2022)

SYN 1.jpeg

360 Dome Installation 5'00''

(digital and film animation projected through Screen-berry, surround sound)


Collaborating with Nine Lyrae Productions to create visual design for 360 dome exploration into synaesthesia. Showcased at Brunel University, the work is currently in further research and development for the 2023 Synaesthesia International Conference.

SYN 3.jpeg
SYN 2.jpeg

OH! PLASTIC (2022)


Installation - images from work in progress

(looped animation, scanned 16mm film, mapped projection and found archive audio)


Exploring landscapes through cameraless 16mm filmmaking and animation projected onto waste plastic. Looped audio of found archive footage about plastic uses. 



Music Video 5'14'' 

(single screen, scanned 16mm film adapted with textures, scratches and holes, plus cyanotypes and black and white location film)

Taken from the EP 'Vintage Occult' by Solace in the Sky.


Your World Wonders Me - 03_edited.jpg

Installation 10'47'' 

(two-screen mapped projection, sound, mirror tiles)


Your World Wonders Me was a multi-sensory exploration of the neurological conditions of synaesthesia which was presented as a multi-channel immersive audio-visual environment.


Using a combination of dialogue, vocal harmonies and abstract film footage the space invited the viewer to experience a visual soundscape that played on vision and sight concurrently. Through fragments of conversations on the lived experience of the synatesthe the work offered audiences an empathetic and sensorial insight into one part of the world of neurodiversity.

FULL (2021)


Music Video 4'17'' 

(single screen including projected material onto gauze)

A full moon ritual through music.

'Full' features a full moon incantation. Taken from the album 'The Witching' by Solace in the Sky.

The incantation is a nod to witchcraft activism through occult music.

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